Emotional Acupuncture – Treat Your Emotions and Body

by bright
Emotional acupuncture eft

Negative emotions affect our health:

– Heart disease are correlated with an overwhelming and uncontrolled sentimentality that brings imbalances in the mind;

– Lung health is influenced by deep feelings of bitterness;

– The spleen is affected by obsessive states, which also cause mental fatigue;

– The liver is affected by angry that also cause disturbances of menstruation;

– Gallbladder is affected because of ill feelings and prolonged indecision, which also affects the neck;

– Kidney disease reveals much tension and fear.

Emotional acupuncture , the best way to protect us from emotional diseases:

Emotional acupuncture is an alternative that can help us to restore balance of the body. There are people who were cured of certain diseases with a few emotional acupuncture sessions.

EFT procedure combines stimulating energy centers of the ends of meridians – the taps (acupressure) – with elements of the left hemisphere stimulation (statements, counting) and the right hemisphere (hum, eyes), while we forget about pain, unhappy memories, emotions that cause us discomfort, various addictions, cravings, etc.

The method is very simple and once learned can be applied in any situation:

Emotional acupuncture technique

– Does not involve surgical procedures;
– No needles;
– No drugs or chemicals;
– No hard movements, being totally noninvasive.

Emotional acupuncture looks like traditional acupuncture, but instead of needles, are used the fingers to press certain points of the body, this technique helps to stabilize emotions and therefore, reduce the risk of disease in the body.

Thus, the practitioner focuses on every point, according to the patient’s emotional maps. On the body, there are about 750 points that can be linked to various disorders.

Can be treated emotional diseases like anger, depression, sadness, guilt, anxiety, fear, obsession, panic, euphoria. Practitioner interview their patients to find out what kind of emotions affects the body and health, then it locates the points that are related to this imbalance.

The patient may experience beneficial changes since the first session of therapy and not just on his emotions, but on the overall health condition. Many people were able to get rid of emotional diseases through emotional acupuncture.

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