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Fast Anti-Stress Solutions

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Exercise. A sure way to reduce stress is to have a physical activity of approximately 30 minutes daily. People who are in good physical shape are more resistant to stress and with that, they recover much faster from stressful periods.

Socializing, preferably in real life but you can also join some online communities that are affected by the same problem as you build a house, a condition, other problems that can tell others and get advice, or at least will release you psychic. It is generally a specific approach by women, men choose rather to ‘shed’ sorrows in alcohol or minimize the problem and close the problem inside them.

Sleep enough. Less than 6 hours of sleep per night is insufficient for the average person. There are indeed people who need fewer hours of sleep but they are exceptions. In demanding times make sure that you have enough sleep, otherwise your brain will fail to respond properly during the day.

Teas or antistress tinctures:

A relaxing bath with essential oils and music. Water temperature should be between 35 and 39 degrees.

If possible try not to work overtime. Statistically, people who work overtime are more prone to accidents due to any diminution of attention.

Reduce noise level for a while. Try not to open the TV or the radio while sitting at home, you can read news summary every day, there are many sites that offer this service. A background noise with the sounds of nature would be very good. Noise pollution (car alarms, sirens, ringing of drill, music on loud neighbors, etc..) generates a quick response from the body and women appear to have greater sensitivity than men. If you have a place where you can escape in nature, do it more often, search for areas where it is quiet to recharge your batteries.

Plan your actions a week in advance and include cultural events or recreation/socialization.

Go to your favorite artists’ concerts or plays, performances. Quality live music lowers stress, decreasing anxiety and tension and bad feelings. Also a bunch of flowers or a potted plant on your desk can brighten the day.

Try an evening without TV and analyze the effects had on stress levels.

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