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Fights Constipation, Strengthens Your Nails and Remove Cellulite With Flaxseed

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Small but powerful, flax seeds are full of virtues, which they have unveiled since antiquity. In addition to being tasty, they protect us from constipation, cardiovascular disease, fighting fatigue and strengthen our nails and hair.

Flax plants are known and used since ancient times. Egyptians valued it both for its fiber for creating the fabrics, but as well for its nutritional and medicinal properties.

The Roman Empire knew many remedies based on flaxseed, as seen from the works of Roman historians, who mentioned 30 such remedies. From then until today, the seeds continue to surprise us by their miraculous effects.

– With a sweet taste, reminiscent of the taste of walnuts, flax seeds could be considered a real feast. Flax seeds have become indispensable for pastries, and the most diverse mixtures devoid of breakfast cereal.

– Flax seeds are an important source of alfalinoleic acid, a substance well-known from the family of Omega 3 fatty acids, essential for the body because it protects cell membranes. Thus, skin is nourished and hydrated, and the ugly orange peel appearance significantly decreased. So, this is a quick and easy way to effectively combat cellulite.


– Also, flax seeds are rich in soluble fiber, with beneficial effects to combat constipation.

– Recent studies show that frequent consumption of flax seeds (about 50 g per day) may help reduce cholesterol level in people who suffer from hyper-cholesterol.

– Consumption of flaxseed provides cardiovascular protection, prevents the incidence of osteoporosis and alleviate menopausal symptoms.

– At the digestive level flaxseed help prevent and even helps in removing gallstones.

– In the form of oil, flaxseed is as effective for healthy hair and nails, accelerating the healing of skin.

– Flaxseed have beneficial effects on the nervous system, helping to combat fatigue.

Seeds can be eaten as such in the form of capsules, oil, powder, but the most delicious are fresh seeds, which are excellent and very effective for the general health of our body.

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