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Get Rid Of The Germs In The Bathroom!

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A recent study in the U.S., revealed that the majority of microbes that surround us are hiding in the house. And the bathroom seems to be the favorite place of microorganisms. Reasons? Moisture, heat and often lack of proper ventilation are ideal for the microbes to develop a true habitat in our environment. That’s why it is important that all surfaces in the bathroom to be properly disinfected at least once a week.

The same study shows, that in the bathroom, is living more staphylococci than in the trash. If the bathroom is having 25% of the microorganisms in the house, trash has only 5%. In the bathroom, dirty switches are the most touching figure of microorganisms that are found in a large amount.

After them follow the sinks and faucets. They have more germs than the toilet seat! And the tiles in the bathroom is a separate chapter. Studies say that this is hosting more than 10 million bacteria per square meter, if not cleaned properly. The only solution is to regularly disinfect the surface of the house.

But do not limit yourself just to wash the slate or tile, but all objects in the bathroom. And do not forget about the door handle, another outbreak. Fortunately, occupational hygiene products kill more than 99% in both bacteria and viruses.

Also, there are particular areas of bathroom equipment and tiles that do not keep microbes, but also special bathroom accessories with antibiotics.

Cleaner bathroom

Cleaning from top to bottom

Here is how you should be protected when you clean the bathroom. You need gloves to not get in contact with both pathogens, but also with detergents. The cleaning solution is left to act for a few minutes, then rinse with water.

Always wash and clean in a single direction: from the chandelier to the floor. To effectively remove pathogenic microorganisms, clean chandelier in the bathroom, and cabinets, mirrors and tiles. Subsequently, faucets, bathtubs and the bathroom tile last time. Do not forget the cosmetics cabinet, another favorite place of microbes.

And do not forget to wash any deodorants that pick at least two times a day! When you enter the bathroom, even with all methods of cleaning, the best would be to wear plastic slippers, especially if you were for waxing a short time. Not more than 110 skin infections can occur because of microbes present on the floor, so be aware.

The shower curtain!

When you grab the cleaning, do not avoid any moving surfaces in the bathroom. For example, fabric shower curtain vinyl. Researchers say that these favors the emergence of two very dangerous pathogens. What’s more dangerous, is that the water jet can get these germs out of the materials and make them walk unhindered through the air.

So, if you really want a curtain in the shower, choose a fabric that has a regular possible wash at the highest temperature. Healthy individuals should wash curtain once a month and those with immune problems once a week.

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