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Golden Rules For A Beautiful Hair

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It’s classic to hear about the irresistible look, fascinating eyes color, attractive skin, alluring body, it’s disturbing lips or so supple body. Not all the ladies know, however, that men are more disturbed by feelings for beautiful hair.

Experts are familiar with numerous examples, salons have already established a code of really nice hair, herbalists and manufacturers of sophisticated products have come to make a tough competition.

Herbalists advantage is that their processes are checked for centuries. The manufacturer, only for a few decades. Often, simple and inexpensive means most effective.

Tips to protect your hair

– Don’t ever tightly tie your hair with elastic. Elastic decay and break the hair.

– If you wash your head twice a day, do not use shampoo for the second time. Is enough hot water. Excess of shine curl shampoo can degrade your hair.

– Never use a foreign comb, your hair wants exclusivity in hygiene.

– After birth, the doctor will recommend you to shorten your hair. Hormonal influences inevitably will degrade moms hair.

– Even if you did not gave birth, you still have to cut your hair tops periodically. Hair is like grass: is good to be cut.

– Sun, wind and sea water – without protective measures – will inevitably degrade the quality of the hair.

Beautiful Hair

Tips for the beach, bathing in the sea and beyond

– Immediately after the bath in the sea, take a shower with fresh water, using a special soap, sulfur based or glycerin, which will counteract the effects of salt water.

– After the bath in the sea, is recommended to keep your hair in a “pony tail” tie.

– It is recommended that at the end of the day, the hair is rinsed with fresh water and a teaspoon of baking soda. It will remove residue of marine microfauna and microflora, trying to nest in your hair.

– A tip just for blondes: rinse with diluted lemon juice to refresh hair color. Not the same thing applies to brunettes!

– Hair dryer, although works fast, is not the friend of a beautiful hair. Excessive use of it can destroy the delicate hair. In any case, you will lose brightness and even destroy your hair. This tool is designed to be used only when you’re in a hurry.

– Do not hesitate to use headscarves or shawls at home. A protected hair remains even more beautiful, brighter and more attractive.

Other tips

– Shampoo for dry or oily hair? Dry hair shampoo is recommended for hair tip wire and the oily for his roots, to be fed. Using alternatively both types of shampoo satisfies both requirements.

– Cold water will do wonders. After you have washed with warm water, make a short head shower with cold water, this will cheer hair and will keep it shiny and flexible.

– Do not hesitate to use hair masks. It’s simple to do: apply on your hair one or two white eggs (the white part) and wait to dry thoroughly. After a brief wash, the effect will compete with the most sophisticated brands of shampoo.

– For blondes, it also recommended washing with chamomile tea and for brunettes with walnut leaves. Besides revitalization, hair color will be bright gain.

Try and you will be convinced of success that you will receive for having a beautiful hair, not only in society but also with the ones you love.

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