Health Benefits of Organic Silica

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Liquorice silica

– Adjuvant in herpes – researcher Loc Le Ribault, a pioneer of organic silica therapies, has an impressive case studies with patients suffering from herpes, and other viral diseases, ameliorated or cured by organic silica. Short courses are held no longer than 30 days, during which the organic silica intake is between 80-100 mg daily, in halves, 20 minutes before main meals.

– Viral diseases (hepatitis, influenza, papillomatosis, etc) – Are held the same short course of the treatment for herpes above. In all viral diseases it seems that this mineral works by strengthening the body’s immune response.

– Burns – there are a number of cases recorded, considered desperate, when internal therapy using organic silica gave spectacular results. Take 60-120 mg every day to complete healing. Silica is very well assimilated internally by external administration of comfrey, especially as a tincture, which is an extraordinary healing and inflammation remedy.

– Adjuvant in pulmonary tuberculosis, bone, skin – courses are held for 60 days, during which each day you take 60 mg of organic silica, followed by 15 days rest, after which treatment can be resumed. This cure is also available in asthma, where it contributes to mucosal recovery from the lower respiratory tract.

– Growth disorders in children – are held cures with foods rich in silica. Additionally, it can take 10 mg of organic silica in the form of extract, for periods of three months, daily.

– Aluminum poisoning – organic silica is given, 60-80 mg daily, in the course of 30 days. Silica has a unique ability to bind aluminum from the body and eliminate the harmful mineral in the body. Aluminum toxicity (derived from cooking vessels, deodorants, food foil, etc..) Is considered one of the main causes of Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, autism and various diseases affecting the nervous system.

Cabbage silica

– Lack of calcium – Experiments in laboratory animals have shown that an additional quantity of organic silica quickly lead to an increase in the rate of calcium absorption. Every day, taking 20-40 mg of organic silica in the form of extract, during 1 month, will help in this situation.

– Hair loss and degradation – in one study in the UK, in 2007, a total of 48 women took organic silica extract, 10 mg daily, for a period of nine months. All women had their hair with thin thread, damaged and tend to fall massively. At the end of the nine months to cure, the group who took organic silica has considerably recovered. Also, the intensity of hair loss was reduced considerably.

Organic silica and rejuvenation

Several researchers have objected to the fact that the proportion of silica in various tissues and organs is much higher at youth, than in old age, and that a higher proportion of silica is associated with greater flexibility, strength and health. From this observation, there was wonder whether, by taking this mineral in an organic form, the process of aging could be reversed, thus rejuvenating the body.

To this end, they created rejuvenation cures, administered 60-100 mg of organic silica per day for a period of several months, monitor a few parameters, such as bone density, muscle strength, estrogen levels in women, appearance of the skin, joint mobility, etc.. The rejuvenation processes occurred slowly, but after 6-12 months of diet, they become visible. It shows a significantly recovery of both the health status, and general appearance of the body.

In older people improve skin appearance, which has become more elastic and better hydrated, slight increase of muscle mass and strength, improve blood pressure and heart activity, thinning intensity and frequency of rheumatic crisis.

Furthermore, organic silica is one of the few remedies known to neutralize the aluminum in the body that is involved in the process of developing Alzheimer’s. As such, in some cases, silica administration blocked the disease and has brought some improvements. Due to these results, in anti-aging clinics, treatment with organic silica has become one of the main therapies applied.

Organic silica and autoimmune diseases

The combination of organic silica + vitamin C was found to be highly effective against auto-immune diseases. The best results were obtained in treatment of collagen deficiency, being one of the most effective products to stimulate collagen production. During the cure, is taken 60 mg of organic silica daily with 150 mg of vitamin C from natural sources such as rosehip, acerola fruit and sea buckthorn. Each course will last 60 days, followed by 15 days rest, then administration is resumed.

Liquorice silica

Organic silica and beauty

For beauty and skin rejuvenation are taken daily 40-60 mg of organic silica. In addition, you should daily consume at least 50 ml of virgin olive oil, which by its content of unsaturated fats and substances with a very potent estrogen action help assimilation of silica in the body.

Precautions and contraindications

Horsetail extracts rich in organic silica has very strong detoxifying effects. As such, sometimes, in the first weeks of diet, you may experience detoxification reactions such as night sweats, mild insomnia, sweating and odor of urine, symptoms that are a natural part of recovery process and will gradually disappear. Organic extracts containing silica are not recommended in pregnant women, but are advised to consume foods rich in silica.

Rosehip vitamin c

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