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Healthy Tips For A Longer Life – Part 1: Health

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To have a longer life, in good health and contentment, is not too complicated. It is enough to consistently apply a few simple recipes. Longevity is learned like anything on earth.


1. Betting on green: Green tea is a traditional drink in China, a country that counts a lot of people with age over 100 years. Researchers at the “Medical College of Ohio” discovered in 1997, besides that it contains antioxidants, green tea inhibit the formation and development of cancer cells.

2. Adopt a cat: Karen Allen, a research fellow in medicine at the University of Buffalo (USA), says “buffering plays of cat have pathogenic effects on stress.” A cat in the house is, therefore, also good to lower blood pressure and – as a result – is lowering the risk of heart disease.

3. Discover the algae of eternal youth: Spirulina is, indeed, a unique source of essential fatty acids, whose properties in preventing aging are well known. A diet with spirulina (capsules) brings an extra tone and vitality.

4. Take aspirin: Aspirin is not only a weapon against the fever and headaches. According to studies conducted by Dr. Mary Beth Terry of Columbia University in New York, regular use of this drug in minimal doses, significantly reduced the risk of breast cancer disease.

5. Imitate bees: And consume honey and pollen. A recent study in a hospital in New York has shown that honey and pollen will positively affect cholesterol and triglycerides. It should be noted that life expectancy of beekeepers is higher than the rest of the population.

6. Save your partner life: 5% of lung cancers are not due to active smoking, but due to passive smoking, because of a spouse or co-workers. An American study found a 23% increase in coronary mortality in nonsmokers men, when married to smokers women.

7. Keep blood pressure under control: Over the years, blood pressure is more seriously affect life expectancy. Preventing this is based on enforcing a few well known rules of life: exercise, balanced diet, avoid too much salt and condiments and – if necessary – reduce weight excess.

8. Drink large glasses of water: Researchers have shown that more than five glasses of water drunk daily, reduced the risk of heart disease by up to 60%.

Tips For A Longer Life

9. Insulin warning: Key hormone of our metabolism – which controls the energy of food – insulin accelerates the aging process when too much is produced. Moral: keep the intake of sugar lower. Eat honey!

10. Watch your heredity: Each of us is endowed with a genetic inheritance that would have to study it closely, because – often – we are followed by the same predisposition to a disease like our parents and grandparents.

11. Wash your hands: An impeccable hygiene of hands (four washes a day) will allow to contract with 25% and 50% fewer gastroenteritis, compared with people who wash their hands once a day.

12. Take naps: A team of researchers at Boston University showed that a midday nap may reduce signs of tiredness of the brain and increase memory performance. They found a 20% improvement in learning capacity in people who can sleep in lunch hours.

13. Avoid combined drugs: People taking heart medications, and aspirin, also presents a risk of heart attack by 75% higher than those who avoid this combination – This was a study conducted in Scotland ion 7000 subjects.

14. Wrap yourself: According to a study conducted at the University of Lille, the sudden drop of temperature increases by nearly 13% the risk of a heart attack.

15. Clean your computer keyboard: Scientists at the University of Arizona have found that our computer keyboard contains – on average – 25,000 microbial pathogens, which is 300 times more than the toilet seat from a public institution.

16. Test one of the health secrets held by Kneipp: Walk barefoot through the dew-wet grass (beware of wasps). The pastor of the 19th century, precursor of alternative therapies, he did this every morning for training and physical strength.

17. Try Homeopathy: Studies tend to show that homeopathy can make many symptoms disappear, especially those of chronic fatigue, which affect 1-2% of the total population of the globe.

Healthy Tips For A Longer Life – Part 2: Food

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