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Healthy Tips For A Longer Life – Part 2: Food

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To have a longer life, in good health and contentment, is not too complicated. It is enough to consistently apply a few simple recipes.


1. Bump the glasses: Dr. Leonard Guar from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said that the daily consumption of wine (up to 3 cups) extends life expectancy by almost 30%.

2. Limit meat consumption: For nearly 50 years, epidemiological studies attracted the attention of scientists on certain chronic illnesses associated with consumption of meat. Ideally, adults should not ingest more than 120 grams of beef per week.

3. Vote with apple vinegar: Using apple cider vinegar as a remedy was popularized by an American doctor from Vermont, Dr. Jarvis. He found exceptional longevity of people who drank it and began to prescribe it to his patients (in moderate doses) due to draining of its virtues.

4. Eat chocolate: The prestigious British Medical Journal recently published a study made on 8000 subjects, demonstrating that those who consumed a modest amount of chocolate (1-3 tablets per month), shown a mortality risk of 36% lower than those who ate no chocolate at all.

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5. Do not neglect the garlic: After they discovered a large number of centenarians in Jinshan County, specializing in garlic crop, Chinese researchers have concluded that it prolongs life. Garlic also has the ability to reduce blood pressure.

6. Nuts, tofu and beans: Researchers in Toronto have found that people who have included – for a month in their regular diet, nuts, tofu and beans, noted their cholesterol levels down with 30%.

7. Do not skip the breakfast: The people who tend to eat in the morning, have 44% less chances to get obese than those who abstain.

8. Bananas every day: A banana a day gives 400 mg of potassium, which reduces by almost 40% the risk of a heart attack!

9. Remember apples: Individuals who regularly eat apples, have the risks of heart disease lowered by up to 30% than those who don’t consume apples.

10. Salad of the day: Lettuce leaves contain lutein, a substance from the carotenoid family, some powerful antioxidants. Lutein seems to play a beneficial role in heart health and immune system.

11. Enjoy the desert: Take two handfuls of red fruits (cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, etc..) And sprinkle them with sour milk. Sweeten the dessert taste with honey and you will get a real royal flavonoids, substances that prevent oxidation.

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