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How Fast Can You Lose Extra Weight?

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The most important aspect we should keep in mind when we want to lose weight, is the threshold at which fats is accumulated in the body and which are considered necessary, and the ones called “excess”, which can be removed. Unfortunately, very few people keep this in mind, and that because of the intense promotion of unrealistic models and methods of rapid weight loss systems. What do experts recommend? To have more patience!

When we gain weight, weight does not accumulate in a few days or weeks. It takes a much longer period of time for them to file, especially when talking about an excess of at least 10 pounds. So, if in recent years our body have been filled with fats, do not expect to lose weight quickly, within days or weeks. It is absurd to make your plans as such, and is especially harmful to your health.

Research shows that most successful weight loss programs are those that do not promise brilliant results, like eliminating a pound a week. This way you will not exhaust the body, and the chances that you gain the desired weight are greater.

Magic Diets

They are neither more nor less than mere whim to satisfy vanity of fat women, convinced that they can at any time to obtain a silhouette of a dream. Diets that promise amazing results in the shortest possible time are unrealistic, not to mention the fact that long-term results were disastrous.

Once such a diet is completed, lost weight (and sometimes more) will be handed back, as quickly as they disappeared. It happens when you lose, then gain weight repeatedly. You should stay away at all costs of this vicious circle! Otherwise, your metabolism will be messed up and in the future will be increasingly difficult to lose weight.

Lose Weight Overnight?

Some pills, which usually operates on the principle of diuretics, can get rid of 1-2 kg of fat overnight. Do not trust this too much, because you lose a lot of water. Besides the fact that this leads to dehydration, when you restore your body’s water reserves, will put weight back on. So not only do not help you lose excess weight, but the pills can affect the kidney activity.

Weigh Yourself Once A Week

If you get on the scale every day, you will be stressed absolutely useless. Weight varies from day to day, sometimes it can vary even during the day, and this is normal. For example, most of us weigh less in the morning, when we get off the bed, than at night.

To maintain your health during a diet, make a golden rule of climbing on the scale once a week, preferably in the morning and wearing the same clothes every time.

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