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How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

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Approximately 90% of women wants to get rid of cellulite. Most would like that to happen overnight with little or no efforts. Unfortunately, we can’t help in this regard. But we propose a system in just four weeks, that can help you to get rid of cellulite forever. Cellulite is a change in the skin (especially on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen), caused by deposition of subcutaneous fat.

The causes of cellulite are numerous: water retention, excessive intake of calories, hormonal disorders (in adolescence, during pregnancy or menopause), even wearing too tight clothing.

Here are some useful steps to fight cellulite:

1. Reduce calories intake

Losing weight will help you get rid of cellulite. Take your daily intake of 1,500 calories, composed mainly of low-fat diets, but rich in protein, fruits and vegetables. Forget about cookies, candies, butter and red meat and remember the fish and eggs, green vegetables and dietary fiber. The latter are designed to facilitate digestion.

2. The fight against water retention

Cellulite affected area contains a large number of cells that retain water. Excess body fluids will locate in these cells and their volume will increase considerably (the main cause of cellulite on women). If you reduce salt intake and drink at least eight glasses of water per day the results will not delay to appear. Also you can drink more teas or soups.

3. Your allies: antioxidants

Cell walls contain collagen and are therefore affected by free radicals (produced by smoking, pollutants, sunlight, etc..). Eat at least five daily servings of fruits and vegetables, antioxidant substances that will supply the body fight against free radicals.

4. Eliminate the toxins

Saturated fats, sugar, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes play a big role in cellulite. All this leads to the formation of free radicals and affects the lymphatic system (which removes toxins from the body).


Foods that fight cellulite:

To fight effectively against cellulite, try to eat any food from the list below:

– Protein from fish, chicken, beans and legumes – contain amino acids that reduce water retention
– Oily fish – an ideal source of protein and essential fats, and that moisturizes the skin, making cellulite less obvious
– Avocados – vital for healthy skin, contain essential fats that help burn body fat faster
– Cranberry, blueberry, raspberry – the best sources of antioxidants
– Whole grains – breakfast boosts metabolism, resulting in easy weight loss, plus cereals contain high levels of antioxidants
– Watermelon, cucumber, celery and asparagus – diuretics foods that prevent water retention
– Citrus, pineapple, papaya – are high in vitamin C needed to create body collagen
– Low-fat dairy products – their calcium content helps in weight loss over diet
– Bananas – helps blood circulation and prevent fluid retention

Forbidden foods for people with cellulite:

– All foods rich in saturated acids – are high in calories and produce free radicals
– Products that contain more sugar – sugar produces more free radicals than fat
– High GI carbohydrates: white bread, rice and baked potatoes
– Coffee and other caffeinated beverages
– Alcohol – increases the number of free radicals and can increase fat deposits
– High salt products: peanuts, chips, salted soup or other ready meals

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