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How To Look Gorgeous In Just 10 Days

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Change your hair, makeup and try something new. Change your hairstyle or hair color and go for more natural colors, which emphasize your face. There is no need to consider seasonal trends, but to think how you would look best to you. Possibly ask for the hairstylist opinion and tell him you don’t not care about the trends, but about how you’d look good.

Start A Skin Care Program

In addition to waxing, your skin needs daily care to look impeccably. Purchase a loofah for exfoliation, a shower gel and a fine extra moisturizing body lotion. Use loofah at least twice a week and the moisturizer after every shower. If you do not believe in cosmetic products on the market, you can opt for an extra virgin olive oil to use it on your wet skin for a great absorption.

Eat Healthy

A diet based on many fruits and vegetables will significantly improve your skin appearance. We know that the excessive consumption of meat and skin aging are highly related. If you wish, you can try to replace meat with soy products and mushrooms. Eat at least three different fruits each day and see how in just one week your skin will look more beautiful, smoother and cleaner.

Look Gorgeous

Drink Plenty of Water

Lack of water in the body leads to dehydration, and this will be seen very well on your skin. The more you drink more water, your skin will be brighter, cleaner and fresher. Drink two liters of water daily and the results will show up in a few days. Also, if you add a little fresh lemon juice to the water, will be better, because of vitamin C found in lemons.


Studies have shown that 15 minutes of daily exercise can make you look younger and feel better. The reason is that sport reduces stress and prevents the destruction of body cells that fight disease and premature aging. So take the time to do some exercises for at least 30 minutes daily.

Enrich Your Wardrobe

A new dress, a pair of boots or a new coat will make you feel better. New clothes make the woman feel more beautiful and you will have a better opinion about yourself, so give yourself the things you wish.

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