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How To Measure Your Blood Pressure The Right Way?

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1. Blood pressure is the force that presses on the walls of arteries by blood circulating.
2. Periodic measurements of blood pressure, sometimes daily, is one of the most simple and handy prevention of heart disease.
3. Blood pressure values are usually lower in the morning and highest toward evening, higher in summer and lower in winter.

4. The two values of blood pressure (BP) are given by the contraction and relaxation of the heart (systole, diastole respectively). Systolic blood pressure is the highest value, and diastolic the lower one.
5. If the blood pressure of an adult values below the level of 140 millimeters of mercury (abbreviated as 140 mm Hg) for systolic and 90 mmHg for diastolic this is considered normal. Generally, doctors consider these values as a maximum allowed.
6. Normally, blood pressure taken from legs should be slightly higher than in the prone position.

7. Values must be measured in the morning, when waking, before eating, and after overnight rest period.
8. The values of blood pressure of pregnant women should be interpreted only by a doctor, pregnancy influence values.
9. According to the report no. 7 of JNC (Joint National Committee) the normal value is BP 120/80.
10. BP at the upper limit of normal is 120-139 / 80-89 and is considered pre-hypertension.

– Blood pressure measurement is as follows:

– The patient should be seated or lying down, relaxed, without crossing the legs.
– Do not move or talk during measurement.
– Coffee, effort, smoking should be avoided at least 30 minutes before the examination.
– Can be measured in one arm or both and shall be taken into account the highest values.
– Install the tensiometer on the skin.
– Tensiometer sleeve should cover approximately two thirds of the arm length (about 12-13 cm long).
– Start blowing in the blood pressure cuff to a suitable figure, then slowly releases the air sleeve.
– When using the stethoscope, first hears the same amount of noise that systolic and diastolic blood pressure last.
– Blood pressure should be measured twice.
– First time the person is sitting or lying and the second time after the person is standing for 2 minutes.
– Measurement is indicated to be made 3 consecutive days and values are recorded.
– Blood pressure should be measured after at least 5 minutes of rest at different times of day.

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