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It Is Possible To Die Of Fear?

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Well, yes! “Scared to death” is not just an expression. A simple scare may even cause death, regardless if it suffers from a heart problem or not, experts warn.

Because the human body has a natural defense mechanism very well thought out, fear triggers a series of reactions in the brain and nervous system. First, greatly increases adrenaline and is delivered in several areas of the body and are among the most unpleasant consequences.

Among the most damaging effects of intoxication include heart, liver, lungs and kidneys. It increases heart rate, muscles prepare for action, the pupils are dilated, and digestion is slowed.

Eventually, the heart muscles are too tense, and irregular heart beats are no longer able to pump blood throughout the body, at which time there may assign risk of cardiac problems.

How this can happen?

Although it is rare for a person to be frightened so hard to let his heart, there have been cases over time – amusement parks, from simple jokes to friends or even a horror movie.

Even if patients are more susceptible to heart problems, any person of any age can pull a scare to death, literally – even healthy people or children.

Other emotions that can cause death

Not only fear has the power to stop the heart activity. Any other intense emotional state, such as joy or sadness, passion or excitement, anxiety or stress can produce it.

A study in Germany during the World Cup revealed that during that period the number of sudden cardiac problems has increased considerably. And in America in the first week after the September 11 terrorist attacks, deaths rate from cardiac problems was very high.

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