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Lavender, Always At Your Service

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First, lavender should receive more light and dry weather to be optimally used. From her, the precious lavender oil is extracted. Fresh flowers containing 0.5 – 1% volatile oil, and dried 1-3%. From lavender are prepare a variety of remedies since ancient times. You can try them too. And here’s how:

Tea is recommended for soothing headaches, anxiety, rheumatism and flatulence.

If you can not sleep well, put on the pillow a few drops of lavender oil.

Can quickly banish stress. Also, if you have a stuffy nose, put 5 drops of oil in a pot with hot water and inhale some fumes. Further, it is a good disinfectant and can be placed on wounds and burns. For sunburn, apply a few drops of lavender oil in mineral water and sprinkle the affected area.

Lavender oil can be used for facial massage. Or, if you can not stand the feeling, put a few drops in some face cream and then you can rub your skin.

Lavender vinegar is used in case of colds, flu, fever or just for massages. And if you want to put it in salads, add honey and salt in it. In a liter of wine vinegar put lavender, peppermint, sage and let it soak for seven days.


Lavender helps protect us from insects in the summer. Place a few drops of lavender oil on your skin (face, hands, legs) and massage yourself.

And here is another secret from grandparents. In the closet, to get rid of moths, include a dried lavender between clothes.

In other words, this plant is indispensable in the cosmetics and beauty industry and have lots of benefits for our health. If you cultivate and care for lavender at home, you must always place it in the sun rays to make use of its properties. And very important, do not wet it too often so the water pot must not retain water.

Lavender jelly

Ingredients: 4 cups of water, 6 cups of sugar, half a cup of lavender flowers, the juice from a lemon, a bag of jelly.

Preparation: In a suitable vessel put water to boil. When water starts to boil, add the lavender flowers, stop the fire and cover for 20 minutes. Strain through a fine sieve and add a little jelly, dissolve well. In the end, add the sugar and lemon juice. And the vessel is put again on the fire, stirring continuously. Boil for 3-5 minutes for a consistent jelly. Immediately after taking the vessel from heat, pour the jelly into shape and let it harden at room temperature.

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