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Lemon – Cool And Very Healthy

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Have you ever wondered the secret of those who don’t visit your doctor or pharmacist too often (and not because they fear)? Here’s one answer: eat one miracle-food every day. If we make a habit of eating at least 2 to 3 lemons each week, we strengthen the immune system, we easily lose weight, we gain more when we fight against cellulite, high cholesterol levels will vanish, will ease the liver mission in filtering toxins, we detoxify the body, etc. Also, this will combat asthenia.

And if I say that lemon juice helps us be more beautiful, have a skin with no imperfections – freckles, blemishes, excess sebum – stronger nails, whiter teeth, a better mood.. I convince you to eat regularly? Hopefully, “Yes” will be your answer to this question.

How to use the lemon

Lemon juice contains vitamin C, A, B6, B9, B12, E, citric acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, phosphorus, selenium, sodium, iron. Lemon is a natural antiseptic and contains antioxidants that fight against the formation of malignant cells. In case of toothache, put lemon juice in that area. Lemon juice is also used for hand and nail care. Lemon juice applied to the skin and acne combined with water and then wiped with olive oil has beneficial effects. Also, it works on wrinkles, freckles and blackheads. Those who have problems with dandruff may apply lemon juice to the hair before they rinse with water.


In addition, it gives the hair shine and volume. All this helps us prevent illness, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and improves symptoms of osteoarthritis. Warm water with lemon juice consumed in the morning helps us to eliminate toxins from the body more easily, helps our digestive system. It prevents constipation and diarrhea and helps the general good functioning of the intestines.

It was shown that when lemon extract vaporize in the air, neutralizes the following bacteria: meningococcus, typhoid, pneumococcus, staphylococcus in a range of 15 to 180 minutes. A French specialist discovered that lemon juice poured on oysters destroys in a quarter of an hour 92% of present bacteria.

A hot tea with lemon, please!

A study quoted by BBC News revealed that people who drink hot tea with lemon present fewer risks of skin cancer. A group of American researchers studied 450 people, half of respondents suffering from a type of skin cancer, were asked about the habit of drinking tea. They found that subjects with cancer were consuming small quantities of hot tea.

The mere act of adding slices of lemon in tea reduce the risk by 70% the formation of malignant cells in the skin, and plain black tea reduces the risk by 40%. The study showed that people who have had a healthy skin, also had the habit of drinking hot tea with lemon. Experts draw our attention: the above results do not apply for ice tea with lemon.

Chemically treated lemons, not recommended

Warning! Wash all fruits before eating them, even if you throw the shell, as in the case of citrus. For the last time, peel fruit is sprayed with chemicals. Thorough washing is required.

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