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Mobile Phones – A Threat To Our Brains

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Several studies in the field show that cell phones and other wireless devices are endangering the health of our brain. Experts recommend that these devices be used with caution especially by children and teenagers.


According to a study at Orebro University in Sweden, there is a connection between mobile phone use and a protein in cerebrospinal fluid that protects the brain from external influences. Greater use of wireless devices tends to increase the level of this protein, called transtiretina in blood. “Children are more susceptible than adults to radiation caused by wireless phones,” said Fredrik Soderqvist, one of the researchers.

The Cell Phone – Responsible For Headaches On Children

Swedish study also focused on the symptoms associated with mobile phone use by children and teenagers. It was found that it can cause headaches, asthma and other problems like concentration disorders. However, experts believe that these disorders may have other causes, so it is necessary to conduct extensive studies on this topic. Until new scientific evidence will show clearly on the health effects of mobile phones, we need to take some precautions, the researchers recommend. For example, only 2% of children and teenagers use their mobile phone whit the headset.

According to Swedish experts, there is not enough studies on long-term effects of exposure to electromagnetic waves. Yet has been taken into account only the heating effect produced by the cell, so-called “thermal effect”. But there may be other factors, beyond this, to be established after many years of research.


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Mobile Phone Use Increases Brain Tumor Risk

Other studies conducted in recent years show that people who used mobile phones for over 10 years shows an increased risk of developing various brain tumors. One of the research shows that many people at risk of developing glioma, the most common type of brain cancer and a study by American and Korean experts proved that mobile use increases the risk of brain tumors by 25%.

Experts fear that radiation from mobile phones can have serious effects on human health. On the other hand, representatives of mobile phone companies say their products are safe and not dangerous. However, many doctors are worried especially for healthy young people who are most vulnerable and who have the greatest risk of developing brain tumors and other cancers in head and neck.

“Mobile phones have been designed to be used in the transmission of short messages,” said Shakeel Saeed Professor at University College London. “But young people do not take this into account and spend more time on the phone,” continued the expert. Radiation emitted by the phones are more easily absorbed by the body and cause damage to young cells. Therefore this category of people is at risk of illness.

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