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Nails “Talks” You About Your Health. Listen To Them!

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Nail health reveals the state in your entire body. The best evidence is the reaction that respond quickly when the body suffers from lack of vitamins or infectious diseases, heart, lung or hormonal problems.

1. Ridged nails – hypothyroidism, anemia or menopause

Even if it is a common anomaly, is not to underestimate. It can hide hypothyroidism, thyroid disorder characterized by insufficient production of hormones. Also, these bumps can announce menopause, especially when accompanied by dehydration of the nail. Examine them and do not panic, because in most cases ridged nails are just signs of aging.

2. Unusual colors – circulatory problems, hormonal, pulmonary or cardiac

Nail color hides something. Pallor is a very good sign, because it reveals the presence of anemia or circulatory problems (poor circulation, poor blood oxygenation). White spots, known to be caused by lack of calcium, are actually a deficit of keratin.

The black vertical striations (such as a bar code) attracts serious attention to a possible serious illness. Black nails may betray some hormonal problems, but the coloration can also be due to certain medications.

Yellow nails are specific to smokers, nicotine or impregnation marks, on the other hand, may betray diabetes, lung disease or lymphatic system problems. Signals of a nail discolouration may show heart disease.

Natural nails

3. Brittle nails, sign of deficiencies

Nail fragility always reveals deficiencies which affect the body, so count on a diet of vitamins. Dermatologists recommend in this case iron, zinc and vitamin B. Take good care of what food to eat, because the fibers (dried fruits, cereals, bread) eaten in large amounts of iron in the body can disrupt proper fixation.

4. Nails, iron deficiency, zinc, vitamin B or silicon

Like the fragility, the same deficiencies of vitamins are guilty of outer layer detachment at the nail. This problem occurs most often after age of 50 years, when hormone production diminishes and nails are less hydrated, and therefore more fragile.

5. Soft nails deficiency of sulfur

Normally, sulfur is present in the nail, is responsible for its hardness. When nails are very soft it is absolutely necessary that your doctor prescribe you a product based on sulfur. To prevent this problem, try eating foods rich in this element, such as cabbage, seafood, eggs, onions or cucumbers.

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