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Natural Makeup: Be Beautiful And Healthy!

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Organic makeup began to take wings. The development becomes higher and many brands have managed to propose to its visitors a wide range of products. These products based on natural ingredients are much healthier for skin care.

Organic makeup, trendy

Even big brands are entering the market with organic products. But it must be noted that certain products, despite the name – with “organic chamomile”, “bio range”, etc. – are not organic or natural. Some admit to being based on a technology that is inspired by natural products. Product ranges are quite large and suggest lipsticks, eye makeup, powders and blush, concealer and other correction, liners, lip and eye pencils, etc.

Skin benefits

Natural makeup are substances derived from petrochemicals no (silicon, paraffina), which are occlusive, and prevent skin forming a breathable film oily skin. They contain zero solvents, no chemical preservatives or synthetic fragrances, no synthetic dyes. They are generally without parabens, PEG, SLS, SLES. This minimizes the risk of allergy, especially in sensitive areas such the zone around eyes.

Best makeup products for the environment

These products are not tested on animals, no animal products contain ingredients that have not killed animals. For sustainable development, natural makeup has multiple advantages: production procedures are generally non-polluting ingredients and using renewable resources. Biodegradable packaging. Companies that manufacture these products often include the presentation of their respective relationships with people: fair paid labor force, especially in poor developed countries.

Natural wedding makeup

The natural ingredients used: real beauty care!

The skin can breathe, it is not irritable or aggressive, on the contrary, nourished, groomed, calm, because the ingredients of vegetal origin. These products are not only a support for the dye, but the real care. Vegetable oils are often rich in vitamin E (macadamia nuts, argan, wheat germ, jojoba, calendula, sweet almond), vegetable waxes, shea butter and calming the skin for proper nutrition, bee wax antibacterial and many others.

The active agents of plant origin are: vegetable oils containing antioxidant, vitamin E to preserve skin firmness and suppleness, chamomile extract to soothe sensitive skin, carrot oil rich in vitamin A, gum acacia for mascara.

As for colors, they are natural pigments, often mineral: iron oxide (shades ranging from yellow to brown), manganese (black and dark brown), chromium (green), titanium dioxide (white), ultramarine (blue).

And yes, there are some drawbacks

Unlike regular makeup products, natural products are less efficient in certain directions, because the ingredients used do not allow certain technical performance:

– The coverage is lower, especially at the concealing funds, but at least avoid the effect of rendering.
– For waterproof mascara and lipstick the transfer does not exist in the natural version
– No long-term products
– Shelf life is less long, because the synthetic preservatives does not exist.

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