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Natural Treatments For Hemorrhoids

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A common disease that many people face in life mainly due to the current regime is represented by hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are not as many times I heard, fleshy growths on the anus. Hemorrhoids are represented by the veins that normally found in the anal canal. These veins, for various reasons, it expands by increasing blood pressure. Dilations are progressive, so they end up outside the anal canal Prolab (outwardly). If hemorrhoids are permanently affected, such as in chronic constipation, they gradually enlarge and are pushed out of the anus.

Natural treatments for hemorrhoids and what is the role of hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoidal veins are intended, under normal conditions to maintain anal continence, if they are normal or diarrheal indifferent, and no gas can passage it can not externalize involuntarily.

What causes hemorrhoids?

The causes are multiple and generally all those causes that lead to high blood pressure in these veins. Here are some of the most important causes:

– Smoking
– Weight gain
– Stress
– Sedentary and lack of exercise

– Poor diet, especially meat and nourishing food without eating fruits and vegetables or foods that contain fiber (bran, yogurt, vegetables, etc.). The role of fiber is to stretch the gut (if you drink enough fluids) and to boost the volume bowel movements (peristalsis), easing digestion and maintaining the normal activity of intestinal cells, favoring the absorption of nutrients and making the seats at normal time (and thus prevents constipation).

– Chronic constipation and defecation efforts (to have a seat);
– Coffee excess, chocolate, caffeinated beverages.

The most important symptom reported by patient is the pain. Sometimes hemorrhoids are so painful that patients avoid having a bowel movement.


Other symptoms are

– This fresh blood in small amounts, in the chair (but not a decisive sign of hemorrhoids, such bleeding may occur in some pathologies, rectal or colon)

– Continues feeling the pressure and state of defecation (per seat).

– If you are in advanced hemorrhoids, anal prolapsing at the level (externalizing dilated veins), possibly with superinfection, and patients have severe pain and bleeding.

– The appearance of stains on underwear due to local secretion.

How to treat hemorrhoids?

First, food and sanitary conditions are basic respect. Food should be consumed: vegetables, fruits, bran, yogurt, etc. fiber and also you should drink about two liters of fluid per day (the amount is debatable depending on body size, the liquid taken from other foods such as yogurt, fruit, vegetables, it is important to keep hydrated, and you should urinate a few times day).

Avoid laxatives which are drugs that (are irritating) and any foods like coffee, sweets in large quantities. All these measures should be considered permanent, it will only be useful in improving hemorrhoids. Taking into account the fact their definition is obvious that will not heal hemorrhoids. Only surgery can remove them. Yogurt consumption is also shown that recover intestinal flora, helping digestion and the easy chair and getting a normal consistency.

Natural treatments for hemorrhoids

Using these natural treatments you can get rid of painful crises, nutrition and hydration clearly associates the body properly. Plants listed in this pathology are: blueberry, hazelnut (white skin), angelica, burdock, basil, chestnut, yarrow, lady’s mantle, ash, oak, quince (seeds), chamomile, mallow, dandelion, and comfrey wolf’s claw.

You can make warm sitz baths along with these plants and will help relieve pain and bleeding. You can also use propolis suppositories that have a healing effects. Here’s how to prepare: 50 grams of plant on which we pour a few drops of alcohol. Leave 24 hours and then mix with 250 ml of vegetable oil (olive oil ideal), and then boil for 3 hours.

Separate the sediment (which is submitted to the bottom where you boiled the mixture) of oil that will provide 30 grams of beeswax to stabilize. Then the ointment thus obtained is put in clean containers that will hold lid in cool places. For every painful crisis you can use this ointment, but only for a few days, because it tends to tighten the skin and mucous and can produce damage.

Another natural treatment indicated in relieving hemorrhoid is made with oak leaves. About 20 leaves are chosen and simmer for 10 minutes in 250 ml of water. It will cover the bowl and leave to infuse for another 10 minutes. Then with this solution make sitz baths, or are apply compresses several times daily until you get rid of the symptoms.

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