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Natural Treatments For Kidney Stones

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Kidney stones form when urine is too high in content of mineral salts. If the stone moves from the kidney to the urethra and bladder is called a sharp pain known as renal colic.

Kidney stones are composed of calcium oxalate or phosphate salts in the urine and occur due to precipitation. They can be found anywhere in the urinary tract, the kidneys, ureter (the tube that leads urine from the kidney to the bladder), bladder or urethra (the channel through which urine leaves the bladder outside the body).

Causes of kidney stones

It is unknown the exact cause of kidney stones formation. But several factors contribute to their occurrence. Of these we can mention various metabolic disorders, lack of vitamin A, hyperthyroidism or frequent urinary infections. Diet is responsible for kidney stones in 80% of cases. Drinking too much meat which acidify the urine and promotes the precipitation of phosphates and carbonates. Diet rich in sweets and potato leads to precipitation of oxalate. Other cases are: too small amount of fluid drunk, eating foods too salty or diuretic drugs that increase the uric acid levels.

Corn silk

Natural treatments to cure kidney stones

If a crisis occurs, drink juice from two or three lemons, because changing the pH of urine, the urine turns more acidic alkaline. For kidney sand, drink three cups of decoction of a spoonful of “rabbit bone” roots in water or a cup of rosehip tea and beech nuts. Take warm baths, which will help to quickly remove the stones and will also relieve the pain. If you have pain in the kidneys or if you urinate with blood then you must see a doctor. A fast remedy for kidney stones and pain is based on phytotherapy and consists of drinking two or three cups of tea from corn silk.

Preventing kidney stones

To prevent kidney stones seek to consume plenty of fluids, especially water. Try to limit alcohol, avoid smoking (cigarette smoke substances – eg. Cadmium helps to kidney stones) and eating foods rich in calcium, magnesium and vitamin B such as dairy, fish, vegetables and whole grains.

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