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Night Cream – Useful or Extra Expense?

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At night we sleep, at least in principle. But skin metabolism is active. Between 3 and 6 o’clock in the morning, skin cells divide and renew. So they raise the skin barrier against aggression, the epidermis. To help renew our skin in good condition, we must provide sufficient hydration, vitamins, lipids, amino acids and a number of active repairers.

Between the age of 30 and 45, it is better to opt for an anti-wrinkle night care based on vitamin C and fruit acids to restore skin radiance and stop the aging skin. But after 45 years, we need a very nutritious formula, which does not mean it will be more expensive. There are creams in pharmacies and stores that can fit into anyone’s budget.

Warning! Even after 50 years we can have an oily skin. In this case, choose a sunscreen that contains zinc to control the sebum secreted by the skin.

As a general rule, night cream is always more unctuous, founded more difficult than the day cream. But that does not mean it will be more fatty, or that you will shine as a beacon in the night. So do not try to skip creaming after cleansing.

How to use? After cleansing, obviously. Even if you are fan of makeup, we have to clean the skin from impurities collected during the day. Cleansing milk, foaming gel or toner. You have more choices. Use moisturizer after applying eye contour cream.

Use the cream on the whole neck. After removing your makeup preliminary, do not forget your neck also. And the best way to remember is to start with this fragile area, then climb the face and temples, avoiding the eyelids and eye contour.

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