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Roses and Their Therapeutic Uses

Roses are healing our soul by its beauty and special smell. Their content is also recommended for treating various body conditions.

Rose petals contain vitamin C, antioxidants, flavonoids, malic and citric acids, beneficial for your health and beauty. Rose petal tea has detoxifying effect. Reduces fever, relieves pain associated with colds and increase body resistance.

Very tonic for the lazy liver if you mix rose petals with mint plant. Prepare a rose infusion tea in a cup of boiled water. Add honey and mint and wait ten minutes. After this time, you can drink it and you will get rid of unwanted headache and constipation.

Rose petals, consumed as fresh, are recommended for women to increase their libido. Rose petals have aphrodisiac effect and also helps the good functioning of the reproductive system.

You can eat rose petals as fresh or with a little honey to add taste, or mixed with maple syrup. You can even include rose petals in salads, if you find hard to eat fresh petals. But remember to wash the petals.


Syrups, infusions, vinegar

Syrups or rose water are perfect for treating stomach disorders (diarrhea or dysentery).

Boil some water and rose petals in the mixture used for steam baths.

The syrup is a perfect remedy for insomnia and removes tiredness and depression. Drink it at night before bed and during times when you feel bad.

Over the fresh petals add sugar or honey in abundance. At night, they will let their natural and tasty syrup, which does wonders for the nervous system.

Rose petals vinegar acts as disinfectant and treat insect bites, cuts and open wounds. Add apple vinegar over the fresh petals of roses and keep the mixture in a warm place with plenty of light.

After three days, you can use the product as a disinfectant and you will see the effect in a few hours.

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