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Silver – A Noble Metal, Which Has Not Told All His Secrets Yet

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In the Middle Ages, was an idea that, those of “blue blood” – the nobles – were protected by God, keeping them away from some digestive diseases such as dysentery, which killed tens of thousands of people from the lower class, but far more rarely affected those above tehm.

Why the holy water does not alter, as any water ?

Nobody thought then that there is a connection between this observation and cutlery and crockery used by some. While those who could afford only modest clay pots and wooden utensils of iron, the aristocracy could afford glasses, cheerful, and even silver cutlery.

Silver has long been the key to health for the privileged ones. Silver state as a shield against them and many diseases and has maintained not only health, but even longevity – as was proved later in history.

Role of antibiotic, antioxidant and disinfectant of silver was discovered, researched and established relatively recently.

Only now can be explained why the holy water, stored in silver containers, does not alter, and the holy water, shared in silver spoons, is not a source of infection as a common spoon is if would serve hundreds of people.

Silver – A Noble Metal

A coin in the glass disinfects the drink

Laboratory tests confirmed today that silver ions are bactericidal, and is an effective disinfectant, destroying more than 600 viruses and harmful germs.

Returning in time, we find that a few millennia ago, the Chinese, Phoenicians and Greeks used silver containers, thinking that this does not alter water, wine or milk supply of seafarers taken during their expeditions.

During the expansion of colonialism was a widespread superstition that a silver denarius, held in the cup for water, is keeper of the health of seafarers.

The human body contains small amounts of silver (about 0.1 mg to 100 kg) and with no Silver, life would not be possible, as it would not be possible without the many other elements. This tiny amount of silver, by nature, is protecting us against many risk factors.

Moreover, some experts suspect that a silver deficiency is among the leading causes of cancer, prostate disease and bone degradation.

Silver awaits its “golden” future

It was noted since the Middle Ages that jewelers containing silver were extremely good for longevity and health, but the ones made with gold did not had such properties.

Recently, scientists have designed the American and Russian cosmic stations with water processing in the presence of silver, reducing fresh water deposits that required other stations.

Professor Bill Wastonson of Chicago, which is particularly concerned about the noble metal properties, said that he will reappear dramatically in medicine when the body will prove refractory to all antibiotics – a phenomenon that is already evolving.

Specialist opinion is that silver could be a valuable auxiliary in medicine, insufficiently studied because of the emergence of other remedies, considered modern. As they lose they value in the future will be revealed yet unproved virtues of silver.

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