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Specific Symptoms Of Cancer

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Definition: Cancer is a group of abnormal cells. It is known as a tumor (cancerous) that grows without being controlled. Cancerous tumors invade and destroy the tissues that surround them. Not all tumors are cancerous (benign tumors exist). Benign tumors, which are not cancerous, do not invade and do not destroy the tissue. A benign tumor may grow, however, very much. Cancerous tumors can spread cancer cells to other parts of the body, a phenomenon called metastasis, unlike benign tumors, which are spreading in this way.



For cancer to occur, there must be something that hit a cell nucleus. Some people are born with a predisposition to cancer. Their cells may be more vulnerable to any disease that leads to cancer. For others, the disease occurs for years after they were exposed to chemicals that cause cancer. Tobacco, regardless of source, is bad. Certain chemicals, unprotected sun exposure and radiation can lead to serious problems along with other factors.


Symptoms of cancer depend on the specific place where it is located. In some cases, a tumor may be hidden for years, because it affects the tissue in a way that visible symptoms don’t appear. For example, colon cancer can not be detected until it does not “dig” into a blood vessel in the colon, at which time blood will be shed in the stool. A cyst of the breast has to grow up the size of a finger belly to be felt at palpation. Cancer symptoms are often vague and can be taken as symptoms of other diseases. Nonspecific symptoms of cancer may include tiredness, or cysts, unusual weight loss, cough, abnormal stools. All these symptoms should constitute a signal to the person to lead it and seek medical attention.


If a person is suspected of cancer, this must be confirmed by examining the abnormal tissue in a pathology laboratory. This may mean removing a portion of tissue for biopsy. Sometimes, the entire tumor is removed, a procedure called resection. X-ray radiography and blood tests can measure the spread of disease, or the disease stage.

Prevention Cancer


Cancer treatment can be very complex. Surgery is the first treatment for many types of cancer. Thus, the tumor can be removed by surgery. If the tumor is small, the cancer may be treated by surgery. If the cancer has already spread to other parts of corruption, surgery is not effective. Leukaemia and lymphatic cancer, which involves the circulatory system can not be treated by surgery, because this type of cancer do not have an exact location.

Chemotherapy is a type of treatment that involves using drugs. Drugs are introduced into the body and transported by the blood throughout the body. It is considered a systemic treatment, usually because the medication can affect the entire body.

This method is used to cure or control some cancers which are not localized. Not all cancers respond to chemotherapy, as not all infections respond to antibiotics. A local treatment involving the use of radiation energy is directed to the tumor for removal. Such radiation can destroy or slow the spread of many cancers. In some cases, treated certain cancers that are localized and respond to radiation. Cancers were cured by radiation: Hodgkin’s disease, cancer of the larynx or vocal cords. Immunotherapy – use to destroy the body immunity and cancer control. The effectiveness of this procedure is limited. It is used in certain types of cancer. Many cancers are too advanced a stage at diagnosis, for this process to work. In many cases, a combination of treatments has proven to be highly effective.


Cancer discovered in time is much easier to treat and with many more chances. Rules to be observed to prevent cancer: – Avoid all tobacco products (to help prevent major causes of lung cancer, or any type of cancer) – limit sun exposure, especially in children (prevents malignant melanoma); – reduce consumption of foods rich in fiber (helps reduce colon cancer) – avoid alcohol – make regular medical checks – testicular self examination by men – a breast self examination by women (palpation). Because some types of cancer can be prevented, early detection and diagnosis is the main chance of survival of the cancer.


Most cancers occur in people over 55 years old. This can be explained by the fact that the cells after a long time, become more vulnerable if they are attacked. It is possible for childrens to have cancer, but very rarely. The number of men who suffer from cancer is higher than that of women. The most common cause of death, both women, as well as in men, is lung cancer.

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