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Stop Hair Loss! – Remedies For A Beautiful Hair

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The hair is “heritage” value of a woman, but when the precious hair reach the floor then concern is installed. How can we stop this disaster? Let’s first find out what are the factors that cause hair loss..

Unlike men, where their hair loss is hereditary, women face this problem from very different reasons. Here they are:

1. Hormonal disorders – during a menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, menopause, women have to face hormones attack, after which could come out a bit ruffled. Times with less hair on the head! If pregnancy problems ends with the baby coming into the world, in other cases an endocrinologist should be consulted.

2. Stress – stress affects women to a great extent, sometimes with devastating effects. Experts warned that severe or prolonged stress may even lead to baldness.

3. The use of drugs in some diseases – ask your doctor or read the prospectus carefully for medicines you are taking to elucidate the adverse effects. Anticoagulants, oral contraceptives, the drugs recommended in the treatment of gout, vitamin A in excess – these medicines can cause hair loss. Also, people suffering from hypothyroidism, herpes, fungal infections, may find hair loss in greater measure.

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4. Draconian diets – when you deprive your body from certain nutrients needed, internal balance is messed up, and one of the signals is hair loss.

Whether it is caused by stress, fatigue and various somatic diseases, hair loss can be remedied by following some easy tips that you can put into practice.

– Prepare a mixture of banana pulp, honey, yogurt and skim milk. This drink is rich in biotin and will help strengthen the hair roots. Drink this preparation as often as you can.

– Take supplements containing vitamin B6 and zinc. They are recommended for people who do not assimilate these substances in the diet.

– When you’re in bath, massage your scalp very well. This practice revitalizes the blood circulation. You’ll feel invigorated and you’ll have a very pleasant feeling of relaxation.

– Make sure you get enough sleep and don’t work too much. Stress and tiredness are the most feared weapons of a beautiful hair.

Other remedies for a beautiful and healthy hair:

– Massages the hair roots with hot pepper.

– Rubbings with garlic.

– Massages with coconut oil.

– Corn oil massages.

– Massages with olive oil.

– Packing clay, egg yolk and olive oil.

– To get rid of dandruff, massage is done with coarse salt to the root of the hair and lasts 3-4 hours.

– Rinsing with nettle and burdock tea.

– For the hair shine – rinse with whey.

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