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Stop Reading On The Toilet!

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Let’s face it, many people are accustomed to delight in a book or magazine on the toilet. If this habit is usually adopted by men, women also take this well-deserved break. What do specialists have to say about it?

Men love to read on the toilet, because they believe these moments are full of serenity and peace. Women, in contrast, spend much less time on the toilet than men, and some even have a radical attitude towards this practice, arguing that it is anti-social and is a real waste of time.

Experts point out that the work itself raises a full chapter of hygiene problems and can trigger observable health problems, such as:

Aggravation of hemorrhoids

Long time on the toilet puts pressure on the veins around the anus and rectum, causing or aggravating the hemorrhoids. What this means you already know. If not, try to remember: itching, a lot of pain, bleeding or anal fissures.

Intestinal disorders

Bowel movements must be rapid. It is not recommended to sit on the toilet for a long time, forcing the body to fit into this time slot, just to read. On the contrary, try to eliminate feces as soon as possible, and pull the water, and only after you can read your favorite book in peace.

Hygiene problems

Needless to say, what happens if you spend one hour on the toilet, in terms of hygiene. It’s better and more fun to read in the bedroom or living room, where care is enhanced and there is more fresh air.

So, after you’ve solved your toilet needs, draw water immediately, wash your hands and retreat to a place where you can relax and focus much better on your reading.

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