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Super Ideas For A Purified Body

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Are you constantly tired, stressed, have low immunity and you cool down a few times a year? It’s time for a general cleaning in the body. Get rid of accumulated toxins and enjoy life in a healthy way!

Astonishing pace of life, sleep disorders, unhealthy junk food, pollution, stress, all this upside down metabolism, which favors the accumulation of toxins in the body. In these circumstances, it is no wonder that every day you feel more tired, angry for any reason, you are apathetic and increasingly complaining of headaches.

These are some of the signals they send when your body toxin level increased, and the liver can no longer cope. Detox belts are recommended several times a year, but be cautiously not to disrupt the rhythm of the body’s metabolic and biochemical balance.

Note that throughout the regime must be eliminated Es-rich foods, alcohol, cigarettes and stress, and you should drink at least 2 liters of water per day. I choose the top five diets that help you feel better.

1. Raw foods, go on the principle that any food, once passed through the fire, it loses its qualities, and becomes poisonous substances. Besides raw foods which are already common, you can consume raw cereal (soaked in water) and seeds.

Raw foods

The regime is weak because the protein does not allow consumption of meat and fat, but offers alternatives: raw oats has more protein than meat and boiled soybeans that can be left to germinate for a more pleasant taste.

2. Lacto-vegetarian regime, allowing in addition to vegetable, dairy and eggs. Besides detoxifying properties, this arrangement maintains healthy bones, is known since antiquity that his followers live longer and have stronger bones than others.

3. Natural juices is an important source of vitamins, minerals and sugars, most fresh juices, home-prepared, have diuretic action. Juice is consumed immediately after being made, otherwise they lose their quality.

4. Christian lent. The most effective way of cleaning the body fast is known as “regime with zero calories.” One day is enough for that, without food, to purify the organs and tissues.

5. Green tea, food supplements in the form of capsules and tablets prescribed by herbalists are hydro-alcoholic extracts of buds and shoots of young plants in the form of monodose. They are located in herb stores and can give results in combination with a healthy diet, based solely on fruits, vegetables and greens.

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