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Surprising Signs That You’ll Live Longer Than You Think

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Daily habits, sometimes meaningless, or habits of the past can influence how much and how well you live. Here are some pointers on this issue:

1. Your mother was born you when she was young

If your mother had less than 25 when she gave birth to you, you might double to live to 100 years. Young mothers have better eggs for fertilization, leading to the birth of healthy children.

2. Are you a tea lover

Green and black teas contain many antioxidants, substances that help relax blood vessels and protects the heart. For amazing effects you only need a cup or two of tea every day to start protecting your heart.

But make sure it is fresh tea. Pre-packaged teas do not offer the same health benefits. Once water is added over the tea leaves, antioxidants are degenerating in a few days. Milk also remove the effects of black tea beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Recommended are slices of lemon and honey.

3. You prefer to walk

People who walk about 30 minutes a day are more likely to live longer. That compared with those who walk less, regardless of how much fat is in the body. Similarly, overweight women can improve their health by adding ten minutes of exercise to their daily routine.

4. You have strong legs

Body strength translates into good balance, flexibility and endurance. As getting old, they are key to reducing the risk of falls and fractures, which often lead to declining health.

Up to 20% of patients with hip fractures died within a year because of complications. Muscles are weak predictor of the number one factor for body fragility in old age.

5. Eat grapes

Black grapes, blueberries, red wine: all have that rich color from polyphenols, compounds that reduce heart disease risk and may protect against Alzheimer’s. Polyphenols helps maintain flexibility and health of blood vessels. What’s good for the coronary arteries is also good for blood vessels in the brain.

Thus, consumption of grapes can improve brain function. Also, a cup or two of blueberries a day may improve communication between brain cells and optimizes your memory.

Live Longer Than You Think

6. You were a student of grade 10

A recent study found that those who have more than 12 years of formal education, are living 18 months longer than those who learned less. Why? The more education you have, the less likely you will start smoking.

In fact, only 10% of adults who smoke have graduated from university, compared with 35% of those who only finished high school or even less than that.

7. You have real friends

Good interpersonal relationships act as a buffer against stress. Knowing that you have friends who support you, you’ll be healthier, mentally and physically. Chronic stress weakens the immune system, and the cells age faster, thus shortening your life with 4 to 8 years. So you need friends with whom you can talk free to judge you or criticize you.

8. Friends who are healthy

If your close friends have gained weight, your chance for the same thing happen to you grow by 57%. To maintain your healthy lifestyle, it is important to associate with people who have similar objectives.

9. You do not have a household

Just giving vacuuming, washing away, dusting or polishing the windows for more than an hour, an average person can burn about 285 calories, and the risk of death decreases by 30%.

10. Are you a positive person

If you have a positive outlook on life, you are energetic and cheerful, you are certainly healthier than those who linger and do not feel good with their lives.

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