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Swimming – The Best Way To Lose Weight

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Not in vain the British, who have the most problems with weight, have green light to swim for free in over 1,000 pools in the United Kingdom, thanks to a government program that has cost 140 million pounds.

When it comes to moving, though it is best to do the sport that offers you the opportunity to have fun. By far, swimming is the best choice, especially as the season approaches and swimming pools are open.

Three times weekly for 30 minutes:

According to an expert consulted by “The Sun”, it is best to swim three times a week and each session to sum up 30 minutes.

At the beginning of each session is recommended a swimming alert for 3 to 5 minutes, to make the warming.

“If you are a beginner, swim 250 meters in 12 to 15 minutes to start. Then try to go all 1,000 meters in 27 to 30 minutes,” says Nicki Waterman, the expert consulted by the tabloid.

At the end of each session is required to swim easily for about 5 minutes.


Why just swimming?

– Half an hour of swimming wears 200 calories, swimming has the advantage of cardiovascular exercise and is as effective as jogging or cycling.
– Water pressure makes swimming endurance and put us to work and all the muscles from our entire body.
– 30 minutes of exercise in water is equivalent to 45 minutes of exercise on land.
– We support the weight of water, making swimming to be an exercise suitable for people of all ages, and is great for individuals with mobility problems or pregnant women.
– Swimming makes your entire body function, which means it is perfect for the heart, always forced to pump blood to the hands and feet.
– Swimming forces you to breathe deeply and rhythmically, which is beneficial for the health of your lungs.


Have you ever wondered why all resorts (even those outside) have strategically placed pools? Because nothing compares to the feeling of coolness and relaxation you have in the water.

Studies show that swimmers have generally less tension, and the depression or anger levels are also lower.

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