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Symptoms Of Depression

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There is no person who has not passed at least once in life through a depression. There may be multiple causes of depression. From a professional setback, to the loss of a loved one or separation from the loved one.

Regardless of sex, age, location, or sexual orientation, depression, includes us all at some point and it is good to know what are its symptoms and when to turn to specialists to get over it.

If depression (in Latin – inhibition, sadness) lasts too long or get a severe (called major depression), its effects can be downright debilitating to the sufferers from it.


It can cause disturbances of normal physiological processes – eating, sleeping, physical activity level, ability to concentrate for various tasks. If not removed, it can lead to lost productivity, functional decline and increased mortality.

Depression sufferers tend to live a state of worry and sadness. They feel miserable, helpless and abandoned. They are unhappy with things around them and nothing can make them happy.

Other signs of depression are: lack or loss of appetite, sleep disturbance (difficulty falling asleep, waking up morning, poor sleep or nightmares), loss of interest in the outside world, lack of power and enthusiasm.

Beat Depression

Other features of depression are:

– Sadness and continuous strong fear, anxiety, sense of vanity.

– Hopelessness, pessimism, past and future are seen in dark colors.

– Feelings of guilt, poor self-opinion, helplessness.

– Loss of pleasure in activities that bring them joy and pleasure, including sex.

– Sleep Disorders: morning awakening with the feeling of fear and amazement, improvement of mood in the evening light.

– Loss of appetite and weight loss (or conversely, very large appetite and weight gain, depends on the person).

– Decreased energy, dynamism, fatigue and slowness.

– Thoughts about death, suicide and even suicide attempts.

– Restlessness, anxiety, irritability.

– Difficulty in concentrating, memory and decision making.

Sometimes patients with depression may show more signs of physical harm. The most common complaints are headache, dizziness, upset stomach or chest pains, constipation or diarrhea, menstrual disorders, decreased sexual performance.

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