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Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

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Some disease occurs slowly, quietly, without even realizing what is happening. And when we get to a doctor, we find it is already too late. Here are some symptoms that should get your attention, which may hide the symptoms of serious illness:

1. Constant cough. If you have recently emerged from a cold or flu, coughing is normal to a few days or even weeks. But if the cough has been extended indefinitely you must go to the doctor. It could be anything from tuberculosis, lung infection, lung cancer.

2. Severe headache. We all have occasionally headache, but if your pain is so violent that you miss from work or live only soothing, it’s time to ask for advice. The solution might be simpler than you think, such as changing glasses, bedraggled diet and lifestyle, but as well could be something worse.

3. Vision problems. There is nothing suspicious in having vision problems, its capacity decreases with time anyway. However, if your vision has become blurred over night or you notice that any sudden change has occurred, go to an ophthalmologist or neurologist. It could be something insignificant, but it could be something serious also.

4. Persistent diarrhea. Whether as a result of food poisoning occurred after either contacting a virus diarrhea is dangerous. And the harder you will get rid of it, the worse for you, because you dehydrate. If you have diarrhea on a regular basis or if it takes more than two – three days, see your doctor. If your child has diarrhea, do not wait even a day. Go with him as soon as possible at the pediatrician!

5. Chest pain. This could be caused by simple digestive tract burns or heart problems may be hiding. If in addition to chest pain you feel discomfort in the left arm, go directly to the emergency. You may have already suffered a heart attack!

6. Night sweats. Sweating at night is not normal when it occurs constantly. This could be a symptom of tuberculosis, AIDS or lymphatic cancer.

7. Menstrual problems. A menstrual period that lasts more than ten days or few weeks or months of delay, should not be ignored. It could be about a pregnancy, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts or other problems that would have to consult a gynecologist.

8. Sudden weakness. If it happened suddenly you feel like you let your muscles, you can not stand up, given that the day after you were perfectly healthy, do not hesitate. Go to the doctor because it is possible to have Parkinson’s or have suffered a mild stroke.

9. Frequent urination. If you urinate frequently at night (3-4 times) is likely to have prostate problems, or type II diabetes or even a bladder infection.

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