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Take Care Of Your Hair!

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We all want to have a shiny hair, strong and healthy. But we don’t always succeed and often do not know why. During our life, the hair changes constantly and in every age range our hair has another aspect.

The fundamentals of hair follicles are made on the 9th week of fetal life. In the second or third year of life there is a change: the body and limbs still have a fine hair, while the head hair is strong and well pigmented, which lasts up to puberty. In his early age the hair gets its final form, often different from that of the previous stage.

And hair grows old since teenage while the passing years is changing our hair. Gradually loses its color, white hair start to grow, is getting thinner and grows more slowly. While a hair grows, another in the same place is ready to fall and, under normal conditions, ensures the continuous change of hair. If this were not so, we were like animals around us going through periods of “shedding” – steps by which birds or mamifers lose an important part of the body feathers or bristles. Hair loss torments us the most.

The causes are multiple: the use of drugs, the existence of infections, hormonal disorders, genetic predisposition, etc.. If we can discover the cause of hair loss, we can apply the appropriate treatment and achieve radical improvements. Most often we meet with hair loss in the region of the forehead and crown. This process is caused by a higher level of testosterone (male sex hormone) which leads to “shorten” phase of hair growth and the gradual fall.




Yet even in these cases there is help: we can choose a local application of preparations that block the influence of testosterone. Over the course of 4-6 months, new hair growth occurs in the affected areas. And young people often observed that during combing or during washing, hair falls in large quantity. The cause may be an infection, or long-term stress – such as during exams. This must be taken into account using a dietary supplement in order to cure hair loss.

Discrete aid of food supplements gives the hair, nails and dermis the necessary amino acids – cysteine and methionine, which are the basic elements of the unit of keratin. At the same time, they contain E and C vitamins, zinc, selenium, carotenoids and other active substances. A part of the products and various plant extracts are – for example, Gingko Biloba, Grape, Green Tea, etc..

Food supplements can be compared with some cocktails that mix a balanced blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Can be used when we are dissatisfied with the quality of our hair and nails, especially during periods of heavy loads (stress, infectious diseases, pollution, etc.). A notable positive effect can be recorded after about 2-3 months from the administration of this natural aid.

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