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The Danger Of Eating Meat!

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Meat contains a high proportion of uric acid, one of the waste that results from cell activity. The kidneys filter uric acid in the blood and send him into the bladder where it is eliminated with the urine as urea. If the uric acid is rapidly and completely extracted from the blood, it accumulates in the joints, causing gout occurrence, and kidneys, causing the appearance of gallstones, and cause other serious diseases that can degenerate into leukemia.

Adult human body eliminate around 0.5 grams of uric acid daily, and a medium sized piece of meat can contain approx. 0.8 to 1 gram of uric acid. So, think about it!

Once slaughtered, the bacteria appear in rotting meat, which are multiplying in the large intestine. Because the desire to enlarge the production of meat, they use chemicals with a role in speeding animals growth or different growth hormones .. These substances are found in the slaughtered animals, and then taken by the human body generates an accumulative development of serious diseases of the century. To these are added the toxins resulting from the hard digestion of this food plus the toxines that results from processing by frying, smoking, etc..


Danger of eating meat


Meat, especially pork and beef that contains saturated fat, is hardly assimilable by the body. They are, according to statistics so far, a major cause of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular diseases are the prime cause of deaths registered annually.

The number of amino acids necessary for body development, only 8 are required to be taken from food, others can be synthesized in the body. These amino acids can be taken over by the consumption of bee pollen, whole grains, yolks eggs, milk and derivatives. Meat does not contain substances vital for the body that does not exist in other natural foods. Therefore, a lacto-vegetarian diet provide everything the body needs for excellent health condition.

There is a strong link between what we are and what you eat. Food affects our long-term physical and mental condition. Those who wish to purify their mind and body should not eat meat.

We may even be healthier and happier without the need of eating the meat of other creatures. Pythagoras, Socrates, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Newton, Voltaire, Mahatma Gandhi, Einstein had something else in common apart from flashes of genius: were all vegetarians!

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