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The Skin And Its Care

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To look young and have a healthy skin, you must always take care of it. How? I’ll talk about it in this article. Once you identify your skin type and you realize the lifestyle factors that can affect your skin, you are ready to take measures that will take care for your skin.

The four major steps needed for skin care are already famous and classic:

– Cleaning
– Rebalancing pH and toning
– Skin treatment
– Hydration

Now let’s take them one by one, because you have to do at each stage separately.

1. Cleaning

The skin should be cleaned twice daily to remove dead cells and releasing pores. Cleaning in the morning is great because it removes sebum accumulated during the night, while cleaning the evening allows remove dirt, sebum and makeup residues. Do not forget that today pollution is a major factor in aging.

It is essential to cleanse your face with a cleansing milk or a true natural soap. Regular soaps that we know contains too many chemicals, dry skin and prevents natural lubrication, which will result in faster skin wrinkling.

2. Rebalancing pH and toning

Is best to have a pH balanced skin to hydrate more easily. This stage of the cleaning process allows closing pores, removing any residue and restore the normal pH of skin hydration and increased efficiency.

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3. Skin treatment

Depending on your age, climatic conditions, the workplace, skin problems or any other factor that affects the skin, you need a particular treatment. It is important to treat the skin depending on rough appearance, dark spots, wrinkles or redness or other skin problems. Because the treatment depend on the type of skin you have.

4. Hydration

To compensate for moisture loss due to wind, cold, smoke, etc., you must rehydrate the skin. Hydration contain antioxidants that help neutralize harmful effects of free radicals, elements that help to fix moisture and revitalizing the skin. Hydration acts a bit like a protective barrier against drying.

Hydration is really the most important step of skin care. Skin health depends largely on skin hydration. You can use products for nurturing, regenerating or refreshing the skin.

For maximum effectiveness, apply skin moisturizer to slightly damp skin with rose water after a bath or shower, because this will facilitate absorption. Do not forget to moisturize your skin in the morning and also in the evening, because the cells act more during sleep. Following these steps, you will always have a healthy skin.

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