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Thyme And Its Curative Properties

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Thyme taste great in food and offers an unmistakable aroma. Many spices used in the kitchen have also many have curative properties, and thyme is among them. From the leaves and flowers of the plant, by distillation, essential oil is obtained which is beneficial for treating many diseases. It has antispasmodic properties and can be used both for treatment of respiratory diseases and for the digestive system, in epilepsy, panic attacks or abdominal pain.

Recommendation given to doctors, thyme essential oil fight effectively against rheumatic pains, release circulation paths and helps release toxins from the body. It is a good antiseptic, so you can treat wounds with thyme because it will heal in a few hours. It also act as an antibiotic in lung infections.

Other uses

The essential oil of thyme is the best treatment in cardiovascular diseases. Directly influences blood pressure and acts as a tonic of the heart muscle.


Stomach gas and bloating can become real problems. It reduces appetite, stomach pain becomes unbearable sometimes, and cramps, vomiting and headaches appear immediately.
Therefore, the essential oil of thyme is fast and effective remedy against them. Simple massage with thyme relieves the annoying gas, and if done regularly, the muscles will be toned, and the problems will not recur.

It also has healing properties and is the perfect remedy for closing surgical wounds or body harms due to acne vulgaris. Diuretic effect of thyme in diets are recommended by the nutritionist, and that will be combined with exercise.

Small bottle of essential oil of thyme must be part of every women’s cosmetics kit, and can be used to heal menstrual pains to avoid negative effects of menopause. It has expectorant effect and relieves irritating cough, especially in winter. It can be used successfully for the hypotensive effect because it can improve blood pressure.

Stipulate peripheral circulation in just a few sessions of massage and increase body immunity, especially in cold season. In aromatherapy sessions can be combined with lavender, grafts, rosemary, pine or lemon. You will unwind completely after just a hot bath where you added the flavors.

Because it is a hardwood is not recommended for pregnant women or children. May cause allergies and irritation if the dose is too high.

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