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What Are Some Drinks That Reduce Inflammation?

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Drink Reduce Inflammation

There are many things you can drink to reduce inflammation. Some people find that certain teas, like ginger or chamomile tea, help to reduce inflammation. Others find relief in drinking green juice or smoothies made with anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric, pineapple, and ginger. You can also try adding these same ingredients to your water bottle and sipping on them throughout the day. If you’re looking for something a little more potent, there are several herbal supplements that have anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric supplements are a popular choice, as are omega-3 fatty acids. You can also try taking magnesium supplements, as magnesium has been shown to help reduce inflammation.

Baking soda + water. A recent study in the Journal of Immunologyfound drinking a tonic of baking soda and water may help reduce inflammation

Regarding chronic inflammation, what we put into our bodies can be just as important as what we avoid. A new study published in the Journal of Immunology suggests that a simple tonic of baking soda and water may help reduce inflammation.

The study was conducted on mice, and found that those who received regular doses of baking soda had lower levels of inflammatory proteins in their blood and guts. The researchers believe that the baking soda helps to neutralize stomach acid, making it less likely to trigger an inflammatory response.

While more research is needed to confirm these findings in humans, the results suggest that something as simple as adding a little baking soda to your water could have anti-inflammatory benefits. Just be sure not to over do it – too much baking soda can lead to uncomfortable side effects like bloating and gas.

Parsley + ginger green juice

Parsley and ginger are two of the most potent anti-inflammatory ingredients around. When juiced together, they make a delicious and effective drink that can help to reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Parsley is a well-known detoxifier and diuretic, helping to cleanse the kidneys and flush out toxins. It’s also rich in chlorophyll, which helps to oxygenate the blood and promote healing. Ginger is an excellent circulation booster, helping to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. It also has strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

When combined, these two ingredients make a powerful juice that can help to reduce inflammation throughout the body, promote healing, and boost overall health.

Lemon + turmeric tonic

Lemon and turmeric have anti-inflammatory benefits, making this tonic a great drink to help reduce inflammation. To make the tonic, combine 1 cup of water, the juice of 1 lemon, and 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric. You can also add a little honey or stevia to sweeten the drink, if desired. Drink this mixture once or twice a day for best results.

Bone broth

So, if you’re looking for a natural way to reduce inflammation, bone broth may be the answer. Just be sure to buy it from a reputable source and follow the directions on the package carefully.

Functional food smoothie

Some of the most common ingredients in functional food smoothies include anti-inflammatory foods like ginger, turmeric, and green leafy vegetables. These ingredients are known to help reduce inflammation throughout the body and can also provide other health benefits like boosting immunity and improving digestion.

In addition to including anti-inflammatory foods in your smoothie, you can also add other healthy ingredients like fruits, nuts, and seeds for an added boost of nutrients. This will help ensure that you’re getting all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs to function properly.