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What Causes Bloating And How To Get Rid Of It

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Bloating is an intestinal disorder, caused mainly by disordered eating habits. This causes a large amount of gas, more than normal, in the stomach.

Causes for abdominal bloating are:

Pre-menstrual tension:

In women, bloating usually occurs before the menstrual cycle. Symptoms of abdominal bloating are: swollen body, strengthening your hands and feet. It is important to keep in mind that hormones have an important role in balancing the level of body fluids.

Eating habits:

If you want to get rid of bloating, you should first of all change your eating habits. For starters, do not eat in a hurry. Otherwise, your stomach pressure increases, causing increased gas production, hence, of course, the appearance of abdominal bloating.


If you are a consumer of milk, you have to remember one important thing. Intolerance to lactose in milk cause abdominal bloating. The role is to dissolve the sugar lactose in milk. Thus, 200 ml of undigested milk produces 0.03 cubic inches in your stomach. The quantity seem paltry but, relative to the size of the stomach, is significant.



If you can not get rid of bloating is most probably because you eat too many grain products every day. Gluten present in wheat and bread produces burning sensation in the stomach and leads to excess gas.

Other causes:

To get rid of bloating would be to reduce the use of antibiotics, sweets and salt consumption. Antibiotics are known to cause excessive stomach bloating. They destroy the harmless bacteria normally present in the digestive tract that help digesting food.

Birth control pills also causes bloating. Sweet and high fat foods are a major cause of stomach disorders. Attempt to reduce their consumption. Take care and control the intake of salt.

Here are some ways to prevent abdominal bloating:

1. Eat foods that contain fibers, vegetables and cereals. A high fiber diet leads to constipation and will lower the level of gas.

2. Many people, especially children, eat chips and fast food without knowing how these are harmful to health. They contribute to the growth rate and bloated, so it is advisable to avoid them.

3. Eat foods that contain potassium. For example: mushrooms, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus. These will maintain lower sodium levels in the body. With as little sodium (salt) consumption, you will get rid of bloating easier.

4. Consume probiotic yogurt or mint tea to eliminate the discomfort.

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