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Wireless Connection: Friend Or Modern Enemy?

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I question myself: is the article that follows, written on the sofa with my laptop’s wireless on lap, is bad for my health? And only in my mind there is a connection between the new Wi-Fi card and headaches that began after I switched form fixed Internet connection..

Earlier this week I installed the new device, and the next day I struggled so much headache. I have a pills that I always take for headache and now had zero effect.

Putting all together I stopped the wireless data, and the problem went. Now I have reinstated and there are signs that headache take me again. I admit, I have a long history with real symptoms, and may be very far from the truth. But I heard people complaining about the same thing in international forums and I thought where is the question mark the problem increases.

After digging I found the medical information that Germany has advised citizens to use “as rare as possible” Wi-Fi systems, and several important publications in the United Kingdom have made some measurements and have asked officials to take action, in particularly about the school’s wireless, that would be great danger especially to children.

Danger or not ?

BBC attacked British subject in the Panorama investigation division. They started with them that almost all schools will have wireless systems, plus housing, plus office, given that there are fears that this technology could affect health.

A team of journalists has made measurements of concern – in Norwich, in a school with more than 1,000 students, wanted to compare the radiation from a typical GSM antenna at a Wi-Fi class. Signal intensity was 3 times higher in class.

Journalists explained away as the skull of the little ones in training are still thin, and can absorb more radiation than in the case of adults. If, within the limits of their measurements of safety dictated by the government – and some 600 times smaller – but some scientists suspect that the figures set by officials is just as safe if they had a boil.

The BBC came to Salzburg to one researcher to find out why is trying so hard to keep out Wi-Fi systems in the schools of Austria. However, after all the efforts, the authorities have insisted that the health risks are “unsubstantiated.”

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