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Want To Gain Weight? Choose The Right Way!

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It is more difficult to create muscle mass than to lower it. In addition, proper weight gain should follow very strict rules.

If you are underweight, do not go to a regime of weight gain by making the largest and most frequent mistake: abuse of fried foods and sweets. They don’t contain vital nutrients you need if you want to increase muscle mass. Without vitamins and minerals, the body does not function properly, so it is able to increase its muscle mass.

You may even lose weight if you start your day with a large chocolate and finish it with a hot dog. So what to do? Here are some rules which you should follow:

– Eat 5 times a day at the same hours. You need first-quality protein – because they can build muscle fiber. You can find those proteins in eggs, fish, meat and dairy products. These can be combined with salads of all kinds.

– At every meal, it’s vital to eat bread, whole grain flakes, biscuits, whole rice, corn, pasta and fresh vegetables. They feed the brain properly (the only organ that works only with sugar) and thus the optimal functioning is made throughout the whole body.

– You can eat fruits, twice a day, in two separate snacks. There’s no way to make an excess, because those that contain starch, like banana, participate in muscle formation.

– Even if it seems trivial, you will not increase your muscle mass correctly without exercise. Pulling weights are preferable as large as possible (the limit of affordability) and using slow movements when pulling.

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