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Symptoms Of Depression

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There is no person who has not passed at least once in life through a depression. There may be multiple causes of depression. From a professional setback, to the loss of a loved one or separation from the loved one.

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Cholera – Risks And Transmission

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Cholera, the most serious acute infectious diarrhea disease, cholera is caused by the choleric vibron and has sudden onset, manifested by acute diarrhea and sometimes vomiting, always followed by rapid dehydration with hypovolemic shock and acidosis. The severity and fatality of the disease have been noted before Hippocrates.

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The Most Common Symptoms Of Diabetes

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Many of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes resembles the type 2 diabetes. In both cases there is too much glucose in the blood and failure in your body cells. The high glucose levels of type 1 diabetes are due to a lack of insulin because the cells that produce insulin have been destroyed. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body becomes resistant to the insulin produced. In any case, the cells in your body are not receiving the amount of glucose they need, and your body will send some warning signals.

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The Real Risks Of High Blood Pressure

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After conducting an exercise, when we have emotions or when we are tired, our blood pressure rises, as a coping mechanism of the body, then it returns to normal. There are also cases in which the episodic increases above the normal values are not motivated by effort or fatigue. We speak in this case about oscillating blood pressure.

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